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Family Bike Collective is a program spearheaded by Brian Drayton. It's came about as part of Spokes 2012 Founding Chapter in Richmond, Ca., and has been replicated in multiple campaigns since then. As part of the Spokes National campaign, the FBC is a family bike model that we hope will expand to other SPOKES sites through community partners and networks. 

Brian Drayton 

Brian Drayton, a lifetime bicycle advocate, is the executive director and founder of SPOKES National. Spokes National started off as Richmond SPOKES, a community bike organization founded to invigorate the hidden bike culture in Richmond, CA.


Brian has spent years developing youth leadership and community engagement programs in Baltimore, San Francisco, Oakland, and Richmond. He has served on the Equity Advisory Council for the League of American Bicyclists and United Cycling Voices, engaging grassroots and planning social entrepeneurial strategies to increase bike access.


He imagines the collective will not only build the next generation of cyclists, but also bring togehter families and comunities to lead healthier lifestyles.

Pearly Tan 

Pearly Tan is Native Singaporean cyclist who found her beloved Bianchi to be too large for her. Everything worked, but she couldn't work the brakes properly and it made riding less fun.


Today, the investigative journalist and corporate content manager is working to get little people on bikes that fit. She's not just thinking about children and teens, but everyone with a non-European body type that is finding it hard to fall in love with a bike.


She brings her talent in marketing and copyediting as well as business savvy to the Family Bike Collective.


Her picture is an example of how your child should not fit his/her bicycle.

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