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From (Soon to be) Singapore SPOKES Family Bike Collective

Brian  here from Singapore Spokes Family Bike Collective.  We are finally settled with kids in local schools and economy loooking good in Singapore.  It was a hard journey closing the SPOKES shop in Berkeley and moving across the globe to the other side of the world during COVID, but we've made in securely.

If Bay Area Members wish to remain  on the list we will keep everyone in the looop about woom and FBC updates.

We are discussing  the possibility of  a  new FBC in the Bay Area in 2023.

We miss you all and thank you for being a part of the Family Bike Collective in Berkelely. Feel free to stay connected. We are available for online support ,questions and Family Biking stories form all over the world.

Keep your eyes open we are working on setting up some discount codes for past FBC members with WOOM, Frog, and Cleary Bikes.


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