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SPOKES Family Bike Collective Reaches out for Micro-Finance Lenders

After six years of service to East Bay Communities. SPOKES has launched a new project in Oakland called the Family Bike Collective.

SPOKES got it'a start in Richmond in 2009 answering the call to be a voice for the invisible cyclist in Richmond. During our work as Richmond SPOKES, we created an authentic movement, a community and a bike based business that led our bike campaign through a civic transformation where the community got engaged and embraced the idea that cycling and mobility are core assets in community development and urban planning for sustainability.

Now with an established off shoot bike shop from Richmond SPOKES (Rich City Rides) and participation from community members in city planning and regional bike/ped advocacy, SPOKES has grown beyond Richmond to have national impact as SPOKES National. We have been vocal at the national Youth Bike Summit, at the League of American Bicyclist National Bike Summit , Bici Bici, and founded two national movements, United Cycling Voices, and The League's National Equity Advisory Council.

With our platform of Bike Equity our mission is to encourage any person that wants to bike to be involved in our social movement to further legitimize as we call it "life a the speed of bike" ; equity inclusion and personal and community transformation through cycling.

We are currently directing our efforts in two parts.

First by encouraging the next generation of cyclist in embracing cycling as an every day form of fun and transportation throughour Family Bike Collective model of bike demos and using collective capital to get kids on great bikes.

Secondly by re-establishing The Oakland SPOKES bike shop. Join us in this journey and participate by: *Checking out our Family Bike Collective site

*Helping us raise capital by participating in our Kiva Micro Loan

*Referring families who want to ride to our events and to check us out

*Joining our board of directors to help guide and grow us I am exited to make this post and to be re- energizing Spokes local work and look forward to connecting you to our work.

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