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Training Wheel Free Instruction and Demos


FBC offers early learners a training wheel free/liberation demo with instruction. 

Our demo is delivered in a thoughtful and safe environment that inspires kinetic and experiential learning.  Our non-cognitive curriculum uses Kinetic learning and is based on our understanding of each developmental stage, ability, mood, and personality and matches them with the proper equipment that is size and weight appropriate. 


We speed the muscle memory with each skill learned and in an order that builds to competency and understanding of how the bike works with the new rider's body.  


Classes are 2 hours long and have a capacity for  5-10 participants/ hour. We offer them in a child safe open public place that allows easy attendance and minimal interruptions. 

Stay tuned for booking information for Spring 2022. 



Parents and kids alike are amazed at how easy, intuitively and rapidly each skill is acquired and added to the previous one adding up to that moment when it all clicks and they find themselves  "RIDING" for the first time! 


Step by step we introduce a system of skill building utilizing these soft skills that encourage learning. 


We offer adult instruction as well to support those of us that never had the nurture or opportunity to learn.


We bring the bikes and the helmets for each child and you just bring your riders.


Due to Popularity of this workshop, we require a $15 pre-registration that is redeemable with a membership, FBC bike or instore purchase.  Please indicate your child's age or size and number of participants you are bringing for instruction so we can hand to ensure learning and safety goals. 

*We request Heavy bike with training wheels be left at home or in the car as some children have a "crutch " attachment to them.  Spokes are more than happy to remove training wheels by kid's request after our demos, classes, and sessions.  


Controlling speed (Brakes)

Learning to walk 




Stopping (skills)



Skill Building 

•15 % of our  Early Learners  begin riding within the first 1/2 hour


•60% Lear to ride within the Hour


•10%  Learn within a second  private course 


•5% Need extra balance, skill or emotional support and can be provided with further instruction. 

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