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SPOKES Family Bike Collective (FBC) carefully chooses our inventory and houses the top kid and family-rated bikes from around the globe.


We stock and demo bikes like Woom, Cleary, and Frog Bikes in all sizes so you can test compare, and purchase all in one place.


FBC believes that the best bike for your child will always be based on their developmental and physical stages of growth style and response to trying the bikes out.

At SPOKES FBC your child can articulate why they like each brand style and size of bike informing your final decision on what bike to purchase.

As a member, you can then switch between brands and Up-cycle to the right size any time your child's body changes or riding style changes.


in most cases, Demo bikes are available while you wait for special order so your child can practice on a slightly smaller bike or simply so they can have a loaner for the last minute birthday or special gift.


Spokes offers group instruction at our training wheel liberation bike demos. We hold them each month and supply demo bikes from all our brands.


Spokes also offers individual lessons for kids that need a little more one-on-one. Our style of teaching is noninvasive and based on 20 years of experience working with kids 18 mos old to 55 years old. We have experience working with adults and kids with disabilities, and phobias and use equipment and techniques that help our students sometimes overcome lifelong hurdles with confidence.


Why Join FBC

      The only place in the world with  all the top rated bikes  comparatively in one place.


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