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Highlights of Cleary: They're efficient, lightweight & age-sized.


  • sealed and quality bearings on all moving parts make the bikes efficient and fun to ride

  • 5mm Allen skewer on front wheel

  • lightweight, responsive and strong


Buying directly from Cleary Bikes gets you:

  -  99% assembled.  You install the pedals, seat post, handlebars and

     front wheel 

  - a lifetime warranty


We at the Family Bike collective are promising to:

  - assemble and service your bikes for the duration of the membership

  - provide a full local bike shop for all your biking needs

  - guarantee an exclusive & convenient buy-back from our members

  - inspire your family & community to ride by organizing regular

    workshops, events, & group rides


Click HERE  for Cleary Bikes official website

Why Cleary bikes?

      ...Because we want adult quality components                                             on our childrens' bikes!


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